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Our products conform to GB, AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS standard for stainlesss steel coil, sheet and plate.

Stainless Steel Fabrication, Stainless Steel Service, Stainless Steel Processing
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Processing Service

Ronsco's processing services include both traditional service, including slitting, cutting, as well as value-added processes & fabrication services, such as welding etc..
Stainless Steel Fabrication, Stainless Steel Service, Stainless Steel Processing


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Ronsco has become one of the top 20 steel companies in China. Not only focusing on stainless steel coil, sheet and plate stock; but also dedicate to processing service such as bending etc, and related stainless steel profile.

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  • How Do You Choose Which Stainless Steel Fabricator Is Best For You?
  • What Makes Welding Stainless Steel Tricky?
  • What Is The Density Of Stainless Steel?

How Do You Choose Which Stainless Steel Fabricator Is Best For You?


Consider a stainless steel fabrication company. The right stainless steel fabricator will have the right equipment, training, and innovative resources to get your job done right, without losing time or money.

What Makes Welding Stainless Steel Tricky?



Stainless steel welding is more complicated than carbon steel. Each kind of stainless steel presents a distinct challenge to welders. Austenitic steel may crack if given a high heat input or if you make a concave or flat weld. Martensitic steel can crack if not properly preheated. And with its low maximum interpass temperature of 300, ferritic steel will lose strength unless it’s heated with a low heat input. The key to successfully welding stainless steel lies in getting the right filler material. The filler material grade needs to match the base material’s grade to get a good weld.

What Is The Density Of Stainless Steel?



Stainless steel’s density is about 8.03 g/cm3. By comparison to many other metals, steel is an extremely dense material. When creating a new grade of steel or welding one kind of steel to another, density affects the strength, hardness, and malleability of the material produced.

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  • Do You Know The Main Properties Of Ferritic Stainless Steels ?

    Ferritic stainless steel is built from microstructures called ferrite, compared with other stainless steels, it has a higher chromium content, some ferritic stainless steels contain as much as 27 percent chromium, giving it greater corrosion resistance, hardness, and glossiness when polished. In addition, Ferritic stainless steels contain very little if any nickel, and their low carbon content. Depending on the alloy, ferritic stainless steels exhibit several beneficial properties.
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  • What Is Ferritic Stainless Steel ?

    Ferritic stainless steel has low carbon levels, high chromium content, and containing no or very little nickel, and is the most widely used stainless steel after austenitic stainless steel. Ferritic stainless steels are known for ductility, resist corrosion and magnetic properties. Though not capable of hardening with heat treatment, with the annealing process, they can be softened, and cold worked.
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  • Ronsco Professional Team Visits Malaysian Customers

    Every year, our professional team will go to the city where the customers live, visit them and have dinner and exchange with them, so as to establish a harmonious and friendly relationship with the customers. This visit is to Malaysia, our team member always communicated with them with enthusiasm and patience, introduced Ronsco and the company's products to customers in detail, won the praise and affirmation of foreign customers with sincerity! And promote a follow-up friendly cooperation.
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  • Ronsco Supplied More Than 450 Tons Of 1.4436 Stainless Steel Materials For The Hong Kong Tseung Kwan O Bridge

    The Tseung Kwan O bridge is a project across the Tseung Kwan O Bay in Hong Kong. It is divided into three parts: the main bridge, the east approach bridge and the west approach bridge. Ronsco provides stainless steel materials for the railing construction of Tseung Kwan O bridge in two bid sections, including more than 450 tons of high-quality 1.4436 stainless steel plates and stainless steel profiles.
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