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Ronsco, Nimonic 90, UNS N07090, Alloy 90, W.Nr. 2.4632
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Nimonic 90

Date:2024-01-10View:50Tags:Ronsco, Nimonic 90, UNS N07090, Alloy 90, W.Nr. 2.4632


Nimonic 90, UNS N07090, Alloy 90, W.Nr. 2.4632,

Note that the designation “Nimonic®” is registered trademarks of Special Metals Corporation group of companies.

┃ Overview

UNS N07090 is a wrought nickel-chromium-cobalt base alloy strengthened by additions of titanium and aluminum. It has been developed as an age-hardenable creep- resisting alloy for service at temperatures up to 920°C (1688°F). The alloy has high tensile strength and creep resistance, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance in 815~870°C, high fatigue strength and good formability and weldability under the action of repeated cold and heating.

┃ Chemical Composition (%)












0.13 max

1.00 max

0.20 max

1.50 max

1.00 max

18.0 -21.0

2.00 -3.00

┃ Mechanical Property


Tensile strength

Yield strength 0,2


Hardness HB30


850-1000 N/mm²

400-600 N/mm²



┃ Application

Aerospace Industry: Aircraft engine components, exhaust systems, and afterburner parts

Gas Turbines: Turbine blades, turbine discs, and combustor liners

Heat Treatment Furnace Components: Heat treatment furnace components, such as radiant tubes, muffles, and fixtures

High-Temperature Springs: Manufacturing high-temperature springs used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and chemical processing

Nuclear Nuclear power plants for components such as reactor core internals, fuel handling systems, and control rod drive mechanisms

Petrochemical Industry: Catalyst supports, heat exchangers, and reactor vessels

┃Corrosion Resistance

Nimonic 90 offers a balance of corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength. The resistance to high-temperature oxidation,  corrosion in both acidic and alkaline solutions, and stress corrosion cracking of Nimonic 90 makes it suitable for  various environments. Also, the alloy demonstrates resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride-containing environments, but its performance can be compromised in highly oxidizing or reducing conditions. It is important to consider the specific environment and application requirements when selecting Alloy 90.


Nimonic 90 can be machined using conventional methods which are used for iron-based alloys, and the alloy should be in the fully heat-treated condition for all machining operations. The high material hardness in this condition, 250-350 HV, requires the use of stringent machining techniques. Please note, machining operations are performed using commercial coolants.


Solution treated material is suitable for welding, and a post-weld heat treatment is required to achieve optimum results. Nimonic 90 can be welded using conventional welding techniques, such as shielded metal-arc welding, gas-tungsten arc welding, gas metal-arc welding, and submerged-arc welding methods.

┃ Product Forms

Ø Bar & Rod

Ø Plate & Sheet

Ø Coil & Strip

Ø Pipe & Tube

Ø Fitting: Flange, Tee, Elbow, Reducer etc.

Ø Forging: Ring, Shaft, Circle, Block etc.

┃ Note

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