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Ronsco, UNS N07718, Alloy 718, W.Nr. 2.4668, Inconel 718
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Inconel 718

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UNS N07718, Alloy 718, W.Nr. 2.4668, Inconel® 718

Note that the designation “Inconel®” is registered trademarks of the Special Metals Corporation group of companies.

┃ Overview

UNS N07718 is a high-strength and corrosion-resistant age-hardenable alloy, the age hardening is achieved by specific additions of niobium, titanium and aluminum. The alloy suitable for temperatures from -423° to 1300°F. Its welding characteristics, especially its resistance to post weld cracking, are outstanding. In addition, Inconel 718 can be fabricated with ease and economy, combined with good tensile, fatigue, creep, and rupture strength, have resulted in its use in a wide range of applications.

┃ Chemical Composition (%)


















1.00 max

┃ Mechanical Property


Tensile strength

Yield strength 0,2


Hardness HB30






┃ Application

Gas and Oil Industry: Valves, wellbore tools, and completion equipment

Aerospace and Aviation: Gas turbine engines, combustion chambers, turbine discs, rocket motors, and other critical components

Chemical Processing: Reactors, distillation columns, and piping systems.

Power Generation: Gas turbines, steam turbines, heat exchangers, and nuclear reactor components

Medical and Surgical: Medical and surgical equipment, including implants, prosthetics, and instruments.

Automotive: Exhaust systems, turbochargers, and other components that are exposed to extreme temperatures and corrosive gases.

Tooling and Industrial Applications: Die-casting molds, extrusion dies, and forging dies.

Nuclear Industry: Reactor cores, control rod components, and nuclear fuel handling systems.

┃Corrosion Resistance

Inconel 718 has excellent corrosion resistance to many media, making it highly suitable for applications where corrosion resistance is critical.The high nickel contents of the alloy contributes to corrosion resistance in many inorganic and organic, and combating chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking. In addition, chromium imparts an ability to withstand attack by oxidizing media and sulfur compounds, molybdenum is contribute to resistance to pitting in many media. Please note that the specific corrosion resistance of Alloy 718 can vary depending on the concentration and temperature of the corrosive media, as well as other environmental factors.

┃ Machining

Inconel 718 can be readily machined, but its high strength and work-hardening characteristics must be considered in the selection and use of proper tool materials and design, operating speeds, and coolants.


Welding Inconel 718 requires specific considerations and techniques due to its unique metallurgical properties. For the selection of welding consumables, it is recommended to use AWS A5.14 ERNiFeCr-2, ERNiFeCr-1 and other nickel-based filler metals specially designed for Inconel 718. These filler metals can offer excellent compatibility and mechanical properties when used with Alloy 718.

┃ Product Forms

Ø Bar & Rod

Ø Plate & Sheet

Ø Coil & Strip

Ø Pipe & Tube

Ø Fitting: Flange, Tee, Elbow, Reducer etc.

Ø Forging: Ring, Shaft, Circle, Block etc.

┃ Note

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