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Love Gathered in Public Welfare, Love Warm The World, With Ronsco Together

Date:2022-05-31View:491Tags:Ronsco, Stainless Steel Plate Stockist, Ronsco Public Welfare

Ronsco is a large-scale stainless steel coil, sheet, plate stockist. An enterprise with a sense of social responsibility. It has always adhered to the values of "passion, dedication, innovation, enterprising, altruism, win-win, integrity, and truth-seeking". Among them, "altruism and win-win" drives us to devote ourselves to public welfare activities. It coincides with the purpose of Xinxin public welfare.

Xinxin Public Welfare is a non-profit non-governmental commonweal organization established in 2014.Adhering to the purpose of spreading public welfare culture, building a public welfare platform, promoting the development of public welfare, making public welfare close to life, and warming the society with love, xinxin Public Welfare strives to build a bridge of love between donors and recipients, and build a reliable and efficient public welfare platform.

Since its establishment, Xinxin Public Welfare has carried out a variety of public welfare activities, dedicated to tens of thousands of students in need , and also attracted Ronsco to join.It is an inevitable choice for Ronsco to continue to deepen the cooperation with Xinxin Public Welfare.

In April 2021, Ronsco organized and participated in the "Changsha Cross-border Trade Association Love Education Activity". President Wang led the volunteers to transport love materials, visit the recipient families, donate grants, and bring social care to them.

Charity activities are not done in a day. Ronsco will launch the "Sharing a Peach Tree" public welfare program through the Xinxin public welfare platform in 2022.

The plan takes the purchase of peach trees as an entry point to build a channel for purchasing peach trees in scenic spots and publicizing enterprises. Call for more caring people to purchase peach trees and promote rural economic development.

The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the support of the society. In the process of Ronsco's steady development, it inherits its virtues with love and promotes the revitalization of the countryside with public welfare acts, which reflects the corporate responsibility of Ronsco, and entrusts the enterprise to create a harmonious society. Beautiful emotions show the broad mind of the company.

The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the support of the society. In the process of steady development, Ronsco inherits virtues with love and boosts rural revitalization with charitable acts, which reflects the corporate responsibility of Ronsco, expresses the beautiful emotion of creating a harmonious society, and shows the broad mind of the enterprise.

In the future, Ronsco's public welfare activities will not stop, and will devote itself to more pragmatic public welfare activities to contribute to the promotion of social development!

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