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The Wrong Demonstration Of Stainless Steel, Have You Meet?

Date:2023-01-05View:354Tags:Ronsco, Stainless Steel Industries, Stainless Steel Products, Stainless Steel Sheet Plate

With the development of the economy, and the breakthrough and innovation of stainless steel industry technology, the application of stainless steel in daily life is more and more extensive. Such as mechanical equipment manufacturing, oils & gas, building material, household appliances etc., many of which are inseparable from the stainless steel. However, because people often ignore the attention to stainless steel products, many "jokes" have been made.


Take a look at the below situations, have you meet?


The stainless steel plate was left marks by flying ants during the flattening process. According to the Foshan Market news, in the middle of the night, when the employees in the stainless steel market are operating stainless steel plate flattening, the flying ants struck and rushed directly into the flattening machine. The flying ants landed in the middle of the steel plate and formed a series of imprints. Nearly 200 kilograms of steel plates were affected. But the fire-proof and anti-theft stainless steel plates failed to prevent flying ants, which made people laugh and cry. Please remember to take protective measures when the stainless steel sheet plate flattening, because there are many flying ants around the factory at night after the rain, and don't ignore the destructiveness of the little flying ants.

Stainless Steel Plate Flattening


Clean the fence with scouring pad? Clean the sink with steel wool? Wipe down your kitchen utensils with detergent? NO, NO, NO.You must be sure to distinguish clearly whether the items to be cleaned are stainless steel products before cleaning. When cleaning stainless steel products, avoid using hard scouring pads, steel wools, and chemical detergents to wipe, because it will damage the outer coating protection layer. It should be wiped clean with a relatively soft towel. If there are other acid deposits on the surface of the stainless steel utensils, they should be rinsed with water immediately, washed with neutral detergent or neutral carbonated soda solution, and kept dry.

Clean Stainless Steel Sink With Soft Towel


Why does the stainless steel pot stick and turn black after a few times of use? Is it because the stainless steel pot I bought is of poor quality? In fact, the following tips are ignored: wipe off the water inside and outside before using a stainless steel pot for cooking, and choose medium and low heat to heat when using it, avoid too long contact time between salt and the pot, and accelerate the aging of the pot. If you can do all the above, you can slow down the speed of the pot turning yellow and black. Rinse with warm water after cooking, or wait for a period of time to wait for the temperature to drop before cleaning, which can also increase the service life of the pot!

Stainless Steel Pan Protection


Store soy milk in a thermos cup? Grind a pot of steaming soy milk at home, and then put a cup in a stainless steel thermos cup, so that you can drink homemade "fresh" soy milk when you go out. It sounds like a convenient and wonderful thing. But in fact, if you drink it in time, there is no difference. If you don't drink it for a long time, the taste will feel "deteriorated". This is because soy milk, milk, etc. are rich in nutrients. If they are kept in a warm environment for a long time, microorganisms will multiply. Once bacteria grow, they will soon become rancid and deteriorate, and may cause diarrhea after eating. If you must use a thermos cup for storage, you must also soak the thermos cup in boiling water and wash it to kill the bacteria that may exist in it, and then pour in soy milk and milk.

Stainless Steel Thermos Cup With Milk


Adding wine to cooking? In order to obtain fragrant dishes, it is a common way to add a little wine to taste when cooking. However, if you are using stainless steel utensils, the alcohol in the wine will freely dissolve the chromium and nickel in the stainless steel. During the decomposition process, it will blend with the dishes in the pot and produce harmful substances that will eventually affect the absorption and digestion of the human body.

Not Baking Food With Wine In Stainless Steel Pan


Of course, stainless steel products have more quality advantages such as high hardness, high toughness, durability, hygiene, and easy cleaning. It is only necessary to pay attention to these small details during production and use in order to maximize the function of stainless steel products and extend their life. , enjoy the convenience that the product brings us.

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