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Do You Know The Common Uses And Cut Of Flat Bar?

Date:2023-05-25View:352Tags:Ronsco, Stainless Steel Flat Bar, Stainless Steel Cutting

Common Use


Stainless steel flat bars is a cut-to-size metal, containing low carbon content and serviceable strength. Cost effective and remarkably versatile this thin, flat steel shape is highly adaptable to a variety of manufacturers, such as the cornerstone, construction projects or prevalent component of everyday items. Stainless steel flat bars are indispensable in the modern industrial world.


In Frame Construction: The main component of building frames is mild steel, but flat bars also play a considerable role due to their easy cutting, drilling and welding capabilities. At Ronsco, our stainless steel flat bar can be bought as eady-made sections, or can providing rolling, slitting, decoiling, cutting, bending, drilling, punching, beveling, welding and other processing services, helping reduce overall building time. As the metal is easily joined by bolting or riveting, stainless steel flat bars are ideal for cladding with other desired materials and made to take any desired shape.


In Renewable Energy: Steel has always been a highly ranking material in the energy industry, and as governments promote for green energy targets, the role of stainless flat steel bar is becoming more and more prominent. Stainless steel flat bars are ideal for water gates and their generators and as concrete reinforcing bars in wind turbines, due to its resistance corrosion the metal is adept in acidic and alkaline environments alike.


In Major Works: Stainless steel flate bar is easily formed and worked due to low carbon, it is adept for replacing and reinforcing structural parts in need of overhaul, to extend or improve the life of the building.


Getting The Right Bar Cut


There are many different applications in the manufacturing that need this type of steel cutting. Ronsco ensure to stock a wide range of both imperial and metric sizes and grades with our most popular grades being 304 316 and 431.


304 Stainless Steel: 3O4 is balanced and austenitic structure, has excellent oxidation resistance. This is the most widely used grade as well as the most versatile, so more commonly you’ll find it in a wider range of forms, finished and applications than any other grade. But when temperatures above 60ºc, stress corrosion cracking can be an issue, so heavy welded sections might require post weld annealing for maximum corrosion resistance.


316 Stainless Steel: After 304 this is the second most common austenitic stainless steel grade, higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion than 304. 316 stainless steel has excellent toughness properties, even at ultra-low cryogenic temperatures, excellent forming and welding characteristics. It is commonly used in the handling of certain foods and medicines.


431 Stainless Steel: 431 is hardened and tempered, performance is best with a smooth surface finish. This grade of steel also has excellent resistance to a wide variety of corrosive media and reasonable resistance to salt water at cold temperatures, but less than grade 316 in tropical waters. Overall resistance is very similar to that of grade 304. Besides, it has excellent tensile and torque strength ideally suited to shafting and bolting applications, but not recommended for use in operations such as cold heating, bending, deep drawing or spinning.


As the number one stainless steel supplier, Ronsco offer a first class cutting service and immediate dispatch to ensure a quick turnaround on your supplies. Browse online to see our full range of flat bar or send email via service@ronsteel.com to inquiry.


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